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Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Your real estate agent will be the most important person involved in the home selling process. They can help guide you through the entire purchase, providing you with documentation and advising you on the steps to take. In this post, we’ll explain how to choose a real estate agent.

Negotiate the commission first

When selling your home, negotiate the commission with the agent first. Find out how much they expect and ensure you’re comfortable with the number. Commissions can vary significantly, and so it’s important not to settle too quickly on an agent with a high figure.

Try to avoid agents with large overheads

Agents working for the larger firms have significant overheads to consider when choosing their service fees. For example, they might be being charged $2,000 per month to operate under a well-known real estate firm. Make sure that you consider this before choosing your agent. Sometimes the agents working for the smaller firms are just as qualified but have lower pricing.

Consider local experience

When reviewing how to choose a real estate agent, one of the most important considerations is local experience. Local experience will empower the agent with knowledge of the nearby home sales and the prices that houses are being sold for within the local marketplace. It will also ensure that they have a local office, which you can easily visit if you have any questions or concerns about how your home sale is moving forward. 

Do your homework

Make sure that you research the local marketplace carefully. Speak with a number of agents about their service and take your time when reviewing the options. The agents can detail their working process and help you to become comfortable with the options available. When speaking with the agent, ask them about the next phase in the process. You can then move forward with a clear idea on how to take the next step in selling your home.


Our trusted team here at MINCOM is here to help guide you in selling your home. To discover more about how to choose a qualified real estate agent, give our experts a call today. We’re available throughout the day to speak with you. 


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