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Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Brockville Real Estate

Brockville Real Estate Curb Appeal

When your property has been on the real estate market for several months, you’re likely considering how to maximize your chances of a sale. It’s important to look at that all-important first impression. Honing curb appeal can captivate your target buyer. Our MinCom team looks at several tips for improving the curb appeal of your Brockville real estate.

Begin Online

Curb appeal starts when your target buyer looks at the home online. Make sure that you have the ideal photos representing your property. You should also ensure that the description is optimized to captivate buyers and introduce them to the home’s key features.

Consider the Buyer’s View

When looking through the home consider the buyer’s opinion. What would you want to see if you were a buyer? Are there any elements that need repair? Make sure that you go through all the rooms in the property and fix those small items that might put a buyer off.

Review the Roof

While most owners don’t consider their home roof when selling their real estate, buyers are focused on this area of the property. Make sure that any roofing repairs are completed before you invite buyers for the open house. And try to clean the roof and complete needed maintenance if you’re taking pictures of the home in the coming days.

Wash the Deck

The exterior of the property will also come under scrutiny from potential Brockville real estate buyers. Make sure that you wash the deck space carefully with a pressure washer. And ensure that garden areas’ are neat and tidy. This means cleaning up garden equipment and setting up your patio for that welcoming appeal at the open house event.

Open Up the Home with Light

It’s imperative that your home is filled with light during the open house event. Open up curtains and allow light into your living room so that all the spaces are brightly lit. This will help improve the appeal of all rooms and ensure a positive view from the potential buyer. Our team at MINCOM is here to guide you in selling your Brockville real estate. To discover more, call us today!

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