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Real Estate Photography Tips for Outstanding MLS Brockville Listings

When it comes to posting your property on the MLS Brockville listings, nothing is as important as the photographs. Here at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc., we want to ensure that every listing has the best opportunity for success by offering these easy tips for the best listing pictures.

Pay Attention to the Details

Before you set up your camera you need to make sure every space is clean, clutter free and thoughtfully laid out. Clean windows, refresh drapery, remove cobwebs and wall smudges, polish wood, and remove personal items. However, don't completely empty each area.

You want to leave enough furniture and decorations to give potential buyers an idea of how the home feels while still allowing room for them to visualize their own belonging in the area.

A Basic Camera is enough

To get great looking photo's you don't have to have high-end equipment. A basic digital camera or even the camera on a smartphone will produce good quality photographs for your MLS Brockville listing. Investing in a tripod will help ensure clear images, but isn't necessary.

Ensure Plenty of Natural Light

The right lighting can make a huge impact on the quality and attractiveness of the photographs so it's vital that you allow plenty of natural light into each space when possible. Open drapes, pull up the blinds and wait for the sun to flood the rooms.

As With Selfies, Angles Matter

When you're ready to start taking those pictures, it's best to stand in the doorway and aim inward to get as much of the space in the frame as possible. And don't be afraid of taking too many, you can easily weed out the less than perfect ones.

Editing Before Posting

There is a lot of free photo editing software available that is easy to use, even for the beginner. We recommend taking a few moments to clean up your photos before posting by removing glare, enhancing, and other small touches.

Important Considerations

Homebuyers will skip over listings without pictures, so even low quality is better than nothing. However, listing on MLS Brockville with several high-quality photographs, often get the most views, and it takes very little effort to achieve beautiful results.

If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in the Brockville or surrounding areas, please contact the experts at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. today!

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