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Moving With Children

Here are some helpful tips to help you and your family in the move to your new home.

When To Discuss The Move
The age of your child will determine when the best time to discuss the move with them. Older children usually benefit from having plenty of time to work things through and make their own adjustments. So once you have definitive plans, discuss the move with them. On the other hand, younger children benefit from waiting to tell them of the move until activity is underway that involves them. As they cannot fully understand what ‘a move’ is, they have a longer time to imagine things in their minds and may become nervous or frightened.

Introducing Your New Home
Planning a visit to the new community will give the children an opportunity to see where they will be moving and possible meet other children and families in the area. It's often a good suggestion to have your chirldren attend showing on your new home with your MINCOM Agent prior to your move in date.  Check out restaurants, movie cinemas, parks, playgrounds, shops, and if possible, arrange a quick tour of the new school they will be attending. If the house is not currently occupied, explore the inside with the children and start planning furniture placement.

Involving Your Children
Giving your children age-specific jobs will help them to feel involved. Your elementary-age child might enjoy making lists and ticking off completed jobs, while a teenager may enjoy assuming some responsibility in the planning. It’s also important to let them decide on decorating details for their new room, as well as having a hand in furniture placement.  

Saying Goodbye
Saying goodbye to your home can be difficult as it holds many memories. A good to help the children remember the old house would be to create a “Memory Book” by taking photos of the home and anything that holds a special memory.

With any move, you’re saying goodbye to more than just the house; you’re saying goodbye to neighbours and friends. Encourage your children to keep in contact with friends and neighbours by updating contact information. Perhaps allow your older children to have a party where they can update their friends on their new address, and add to their “Memory Book” with photos and messages from their neighbours and friends at the party.

Moving Day
It would be a good idea to leave infants and small children with grandparents, aunts or uncles during the move. This will avoid any chance of them getting hurt during the move-in process.

Plan to arrive before the movings to give your children a change to explore their new house, and assign them task to keep them busy while larger furniture is being moved in. It’s also a good idea to keep some of their favourite toys separate from moving boxes so you have easy access to keep your children occupied when they become bored.

But most important is to remain positive and calm. Your children will be looking to you for reassurance during the move.

Settling In
It would be a good idea to start unpacking your children’s rooms first. This will offer them a feeling of security and act as a base. Once their furniture is set-up, allow them to unpack their boxes and arrange their room how they like. While their doing this, you could be setting up essential areas of the home, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Next, you’ll want to check the house for any areas that may cause an accident (wobbly railing, loose window screens, unlocked gates, etc.) and determine physical boundaries on the property with your children.

Take many breaks during the unpacking process to discover the area with your children; take short walks, check out restaurants and parks, or look into local activities. Take time to enjoy and absorb your surroundings in your new home.

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