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We did it, on January 13, 2016 MINCOM Island City Realty Inc., Brokerage became Brockville’s first paperless real estate company.   When you think about running a real estate company in Brockville without the use of paper, just how much of an impact will this make on this company’s carbon footprint in the world?  Maybe not the largest impact, but we are doing our environmental part.

This decision came when several members of our office started using e-sign, this is electronic signing of legal documents, again without the use of paper.  We tried it at a very minimal stage for approximately 3 months and found home seller and home buyers in Brockville loved the convenience and ease of using this form of signing documents.   That obviously brought the idea of making our office an electronic or no paper office... Could it be done? Just how difficult would it be? Would we be compliant with RECO (The Real Estate Council of Ontario).  After doing some research we found it could be done, with some cost to us of course, however we all felt it was worth the cost in order to complete this initiative.

So, what does it mean if you’re looking for real estate in Brockville and you deal with a paperless office?  If you have an e-mail address and a computer or smart phone, you can buy and sell houses in Brockville without paper... that’s all it takes.  The process is very simply, secure and totally transparent.

Is it legal?  Will the document stand up in court?   Yes the documents are legal and the documents will stand up in court.  By changing the way we buy and sell Real Estate in Brockville, our small company has started to change the way real estate sales are handled in Brockville again.  It’s now only a matter of time before all real estate companies in Brockville follow us and become paperless.

MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. has changed the face of real estate sale in Brockville again and we look forward to being able to assist you in looking for real estate in Brockville and when you get ready to list your home for sale or buy a home in Brockville and you deal with MINCOM Island City Realty Inc., you will see firsthand just how easy it is to buy Real Estate in Brockville without paper....

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