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Thought it might be a good thing to bring something up in discussion with Brockville and Area Home Owners.  It's something that no home owner, especially a new home owner wants to even think about... The staff at MINCOM feels it's important to sharing some information about home security with you.


Did you know that most home burglaries are crimes of opportunity? A thief sees something valuable through a window or door -- a laptop computer, an iPhone, a wallet or purse -- and then breaks in and grabs it.


So it's a good idea to keep valuables where they're not easily seen by someone outside the home.


Here's another good tip…


We all know to keep our doors locked. But are all your keys accounted for? Think of how many times you lend a key to a cleaner, contractor, friend and neighbor. So every month or so, do a key count. If one is missing, get your locks rekeyed or replaced.


As a REALTOR®, we hear about home break-ins from time to time. It can be a devastating experience for the home owner… an experience we certainly wouldn't want to happen to you.  


So....keep your home safe,  If the staff at MINCOM can assist you with locating homes for sale in Brockville, or in assisting you in buying or selling Real Estate in Brockville, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 


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