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Which is Right for You, Houses or Condos for Sale?

Buying a new home is a big deal, not just in the monetary investment, but in time commitment as well. As such, you want to be sure the property you buy is the right one for your needs. For example, both standalone houses and condos for sale make great homes for many different people, but not all people will find each suitable. The following can help you narrow your potential properties to those you'll truly love.

Maintenance and Personalization Considerations

Condos and houses have major differences across many aspects of home ownership. The level of maintenance required and the freedom to personalize the building is one such difference. Standalone homes, for example, require a higher level of maintenance on the part of the homeowner. They must be prepared to handle major repairs as needed, whereas condos tend to include maintenance in their monthly fees.

The freedom to decorate, paint, or otherwise alter the structure is also limited with condos for sale. While you may not be able to change the outside paint color, as a condo owner, you won't have to worry about landscaping either.

Moving in may also be quicker with a condo. Often, standalone houses require upgrades or minor repairs before you can move in, condos for sale, on the other hand, are kept modern and in good repair, reducing the amount of work and investment that homeowners would need with a standalone.

Meet the Neighbors

Condos are mini communities, full of people who value the same basic lifestyle, and for many, this is a wonderful bonus. However, condo owners may find themselves living close to hundreds of people in the same complex. If you value your privacy or need a bit of elbow room between you and your neighbors, a standalone house would likely fit you better.

Bonus amenities are often included with condo ownership that are not available with traditional housing. Access to pools, gyms, club houses, and more are valuable features of condos for sale. Homes, on the other hand, don't offer these amenities without substantial investment.

Over all condos for sale provide a simpler lifestyle for busy individuals, whereas traditional houses provide better privacy and freedom to personalize.

For more information, or to start your search for your dream home, please contact the experts at MINCOM Island City Realty today!

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Houses for Sale, Homes to Be Made in Beautiful Brockville, ON

Brockville is the city of the Thousand Islands in Ontario. Once known as Elizabethtown, it is about 40 minutes from the nation’s capital of Ottawa. Indigenous peoples have lived on either side of the St. Lawrence for thousands of years. It was first settled by English speakers in 1785 by refugees fleeing the American Revolutionary War into Canada. Today, it is renamed in honour of the British General Sir Isaac Brock, and continues to be a bolstering urban city with a hometown feel. It is also home to MINCOM Island City Realty. We made our home here, and it’s time for you as well.

Invest in your Future

As more and more populations grow, and as the people move further and further away from metropolis hubs, the demand and value of property in the outer cities grows. Once you have decided to take advantage of the houses for sale in Brockville, the financial return on investment will gradually grow for your benefit. Even a $300,000 property with a modest 4%/year appreciation will yield an earning of $126,990 in 10 years time. But the investment you make is not simply financial. If you are considering a house to raise your children, remember the impact of the surrounding community on their upbringing. It does take a village to raise a child, after all. The peace of mind in raising your family in a breathtakingly beautiful city like the 1000 Island’s own Brockville cannot be measured in dollars.

Your needs and your wants

It is often the case that our needs can get left behind when our wants take over. Brockville is home to lush greenery and the St Lawrence flowing outside your doorstep, so scenery is included in the picture whether you had it in mind or not. But the needs of a home extend far beyond a roof over our heads. It is most likely where we will spend the most time out of the day and the space where memories will be made. Consider the needs of your family: how many rooms and bathrooms are required, how important is a big back yard, how necessary is that deck? We can always add a deck, but the size of the backyard and number of bedrooms take serious commitments to change later. We can guide you through the houses for sale in Brockville and make one your home.

If you are considering property in Brockville, please look over our listings. As always, contact us to get help in every step of making a house your new home.

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