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August 2018

Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Your real estate agent will be the most important person involved in the home selling process. They can help guide you through the entire purchase, providing you with documentation and advising you on the steps to take. In this post, we’ll explain how to choose a real estate agent.

Negotiate the commission first

When selling your home, negotiate the commission with the agent first. Find out how much they expect and ensure you’re comfortable with the number. Commissions can vary significantly, and so it’s important not to settle too quickly on an agent with a high figure.

Try to avoid agents with large overheads

Agents working for the larger firms have significant overheads to consider when choosing their service fees. For example, they might be being charged $2,000 per month to operate under a well-known real estate firm. Make sure that you consider this before choosing your agent. Sometimes the agents working for the smaller firms are just as qualified but have lower pricing.

Consider local experience

When reviewing how to choose a real estate agent, one of the most important considerations is local experience. Local experience will empower the agent with knowledge of the nearby home sales and the prices that houses are being sold for within the local marketplace. It will also ensure that they have a local office, which you can easily visit if you have any questions or concerns about how your home sale is moving forward. 

Do your homework

Make sure that you research the local marketplace carefully. Speak with a number of agents about their service and take your time when reviewing the options. The agents can detail their working process and help you to become comfortable with the options available. When speaking with the agent, ask them about the next phase in the process. You can then move forward with a clear idea on how to take the next step in selling your home.


Our trusted team here at MINCOM is here to help guide you in selling your home. To discover more about how to choose a qualified real estate agent, give our experts a call today. We’re available throughout the day to speak with you. 


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How Does the MLS Work When Selling Brockville Homes?

How does the MLS Work When Selling Brockville Homes?

When you’re buying and selling Brockville homes, it’s important you use all the resources available to you to ensure that you make the right choices in the transaction. For both buyers and sellers, the MLS is a critical resource. In this latest post, our team explains how the MLS works for Brockville buyers and sellers.

Created by brokers for brokers

The MLS (Multiple Listings Service) was created by real estate brokers for other brokers to use in buying and selling homes. As a result, you will be required to use an MLS member agent if you wish to list your home within the MLS as a seller. You can search for agents in the area and then ask them to place your home on the MLS if you wish to take this home sale route.

Another function of the MLS is to ensure fairness between brokers when selling a home. The listings service sets basic rules for cooperation and compensation between brokers so each is fairly rewarded for their work. 

The benefits of the MLS

One of the primary benefits of the MLS is that it allows for real estate agents to see information about Brockville homes on the MLS without having to complete significant research. MLS listings are available at the disposal of the agent immediately so when a new buyer arrives at their offices, they can simply access the listings and then help the buyer to make a decision about the available homes in the area. 

Regular updates provided to agents

Another valuable element in working with an agent to use the MLS listings is the agent receives updated listings on a daily basis. This means they don’t have to search specifically for new homes in the region, they gain access to all the new listings so they can present them to clients. If you’re buying a new home in Brockville, the MLS can give you and your agent the advantage in finding qualifying properties.

Whether you’re buying or selling, the MLS continues to be the leading resources within the real estate industry for streamlining the purchase or sale of your home. To discover more about the MLS and its value in today’s marketplace, please call our real estate team today.


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4 Tips to Help You When Looking for Brockville Houses for Sale

Save Time When Shopping for Brockville Houses for Sale Online with These Four Tips

Your Brockville home search will likely begin with a review of the online listings to find a property that meets your purchase parameters. The early stages of your search will be the time at which you decide which style of home you want and the process through which you determine your budget. Our team at MINCOM has great experience in the Brockville real estate market and in our latest post, we’ll provide 4 tips to save you time when shopping for Brockville houses for sale online

Use reputable websites

You’ll find that there are many websites offering real estate from across Brockville directly to you. But it’s important to separate the reputable sites from those that will simply take your money and your time. Try to use reputable sites such as and during your home search.

Remember to save your searches

While you might find that ideal home online, you may forget about it a day later. Don’t forget to take the time to use the site to save your searches. Some sites offer a save function if you sign up using your email address, but you can also simply add a favourite in your browser to save the home listing for later viewing.

Click the location on the map

While a home might look great in the pictures, its location could be far less than ideal for you. Make sure that you review the location on the map first to review the local area and ensure it meets your purchase needs. Are there schools nearby? Does the area have the entertainment and restaurant options you need? How close is the home to the local hospital? These might be a few questions to review.

Avoid placing trust in price estimates

The price for the home in the online listing might not be accurate. You’ll need to speak with a realtor to find out more about the specific pricing information. Don’t get your heart broken by placing too much trust in an online price estimate. Make sure that you simply find the right home for you and then work with your local specialist for Brockville houses for sale to find out more about the property.

Our team at MINCOM is here to guide you in your home search. To learn more about our service and discover the latest Brockville houses for sale, call us today.


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