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October 2017

Staging Tips for Upcoming Condos for Sale in Brockville

When placing your Brockville condo up for sale you need to make sure it is as move-in ready for a prospective buyer as possible. This means setting the condo up to help those viewing the home visualize their own lives living in your condo. Staging your condo is a bit easier than what you might do with a traditional house, as you do not need to worry about the exterior of the property.

Instead, you can focus all of your time and effort on the inside. The professionals at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. can help provide suggestions for prepping condos for sale in Brockville, but beforehand, here are staging tips you need to take advantage of. 


Probably the most important tip you need to follow is decluttering your home. You need to remove as much from the condo as possible. It needs to look "show room" ready. Your real estate agent can help you determine whether certain furniture should go, but in reality, the more you move out the better. This helps the space feel bigger. 

Remove Personalization

Those touring your condo want to picture their own lives within the condo. This is a bit harder to do when photographs of someone else's family (yours) is up around the house. So make sure to take out the photographs.

Right along with that, remove any kind of personalization you may have put into the condo. Perhaps you painted your son's room to look like a baseball field or you have a Star Wars themed office. That's great for you, but most touring the property won't want it, so remove personalization (even if it requires some painting). 


You don't need to spend a fortune modernizing your condo. This may simply require you to change out the fixtures. Your real estate agent can give you pointers on what to modernize given your budget. A few touches here and there can drastically upgrade the appearance of the condo ahead of walkthroughs.

When it comes to listing condos for sale in Brockville, you need to properly stage your home. This helps those touring the property visualize their own lives inside the condo.


By following these staging tips, you'll greatly increase the speed of which your property sells. Plus, by working with a real estate company such as Minimum Commissions (Min-Com), you'll keep more money in your pocket after the sale. Contact our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. today!

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