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August 2017

When is the Best Time to Sell Brockville Real Estate?

Here at MINCOM Island City Realty, we are often asked when is the best time to list Brockville real estate. However, there really isn't a simple answer for such a simple question. In reality, it all depends on the property and the current buyers. 

Sales Depend on a Number of Factors

Generally, spring and fall are the busiest times in real estate. However, the best time to list your property will depend on what type of property you are selling, your asking price, your projected buyer demographic, and how well you present the home. 

Things to Consider

While the best time to list your home is relative, there are a few things you should consider. First, the busiest times are also the times when you are going to have the greatest amount of competition as many others also rush to list their homes. Also, the Holiday season tends to be the slowest time of the year because people are focused on other things, through Holiday sales do happen regularly enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Families Prefer the Spring

School registration and family vacations are two big reasons families prefer shopping for a new home in the spring to early summer. If your Brockville real estate is one that is great for a family than listing in the spring will likely net you the quickest response. 

Higher Price Tags Sell Best in the Early Fall

If your asking price is in the top 20% for your area, you might benefit from listing in the early fall. Those who can afford the higher priced real estate tend to spend their summers vacationing and traveling, leaving the big purchases for after the busy travel season, or early fall.  

First Time Home Buyers

First-time buyers tend to buy homes throughout the year. They are not restricted to school schedules and don't often spend extended time away on vacation. First time home buyers also tend to begin their search early, keeping an eye on the listing pages for the perfect home. If your property is a great starter home, you should list it as soon as you have it ready for viewings.

Of course, the home in question will play a big role in when it will sell the best. For more information, or to discuss listing your Brockville real estate, please contact MINCOM Island City Realty today!

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