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The Top 5 Brockville Real Estate Listings

By learning more about the options across the local Brockville real estate marketplace, you can select a property that’s ideally suited to your buying needs. Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. is recognized for our professional approach to the homebuying process. Let’s explore the top 5 listings within our selection of MLS Listings.

  1. 84 Church Street, Brockville, ON: $192,000

Priced at a reasonable $192,000, the home at 84 Church Street features that ideal downtown Brockville location. For families, the home is within walking distance to local schools and shopping areas. Inside the property, buyers will discover a large eat-in kitchen and updated cabinetry. On the main floor, there’s a mudroom with garage access, dining room, and a living room. While the upper floor features three large bedrooms and a 4-piece bathroom.

  1. 56 Mclarry Road, Brockville, ON: $285,000

This unique custom-built home is located in a secluded location for the optimal level of privacy. The property is surrounded by the Cataraqui Conservation Area and its connecting walking trails. Standout features in the home include cathedral ceilings and hardwood flooring in the living room and a large master suite bedroom featuring a fireplace. The home also features a luxury bathroom with a corner jacuzzi soaker tub and a corner shower.

  1. 33 Oak Street, Brockville, ON: $104,900

Priced for new homebuyers and investors, the property at 33 Oak Street is a great choice for the value-focused buyer. The home is within convenient walking distance to downtown and features two bedrooms and a lower level laundry space. If you’re looking to downsize for the coming years, take a look at this property today!

  1. 8 Wellington Street, Athens, ON: $159,000

Another one of the top listings within our real estate selection is located just outside of Brockville in the town of Athens. 8 Wellington Street is a great option for growing families. The property features a two-car garage, a large open main floor area, and a spacious dining room and living room. There are three bedrooms on the upper level as well as a 2-piece bathroom. Located conveniently near to soccer fields and shopping centers, it’s a property simply waiting for the right family.

  1. 28 Yonge Mills Road, Mallorytown, ON: $239,000

Located just minutes from Brockville, this 3-bedroom property features a luxury eat-in kitchen and a living room with a wood-burning fireplace. The home also features a formal dining/sitting room for special events, and a large master bedroom with oversized walk-in closets. It’s a great option for those seeking a luxury lifestyle at an affordable price-point.

Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. will use our experience in the Brockville real estate market to help you find your new home. To begin reviewing the listings with local experts, contact us today!

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A Guide to Placing Your House for Sale in Brockville

As a Brockville homeowner, you might find the process of selling a home daunting. There are multiple elements to take into consideration. Which documentation do you require? What are the most important steps to attracting buyers? Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. presents our guide to placing your Brockville home for sale.


The timing for selling the home relates to the marketplace conditions and whether it’s currently a buyer’s or seller’s market. If it’s a buyer’s market, there are more homes for sale than there are interested buyers, and therefore each buyer has access to a large inventory at lower pricing. In a seller’s marketplace, buyers outnumber the available properties, allowing for the properties to be sold at a higher pricing. While it’s important to consider the fundamentals of the marketplace, the most important element is your own personal choice. The right time to sell is based on the right time for you.

Choosing your agent

Once you’ve made the decision to sell and set a timeframe for the process, you must now select a qualified local real estate agent. Ensure your agent has experience working with Brockville houses for sale and in marketing real estate to local and regional buyers. When reviewing potential agents, ask them about their work in the industry, and ensure they provide you with references. These references can then tell you more about the agent’s working style and the success achieved during their working process.

Remove personal elements before inviting potential buyers

Personal items might turn your house into a home, but new buyers will now want to see the potential in the property. Before opening up your home to buyers, remove those personal items that only have meaning to you and your family. By removing personal belongings and only keeping the minimum number of items in the home, you can ensure buyers see the true value of the home and will want to make the property their own for the years to come.

Are you about to place your house for sale in the Brockville marketplace? Turn to our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc.! For more important home selling tips, please call our trusted team today!


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A Home by the Water: Discover Why Buyers Choose Condos for Sale in Brockville

Known as River City, Brockville offers local retirees the opportunity to live life in comfort close to numerous waterways. If you’re seeking that perfect condo in an updated Brockville building, our experts at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. can help you find that one-of-a-kind property. In this new post, we’ll explain more about the advantages of choosing condos for sale in Brockville for your retirement.

A thriving real estate marketplace

Part of the reason buyers are now choosing condos for sale in Brockville is the city’s thriving real estate marketplace. The city offers numerous entry-level properties priced to accommodate value-conscious buyers, as well as luxury waterfront condos that allow residents to achieve their ultimate lifestyle in the city. Pricing in Brockville compares favourably with other large cities in the region.

Waterfront parks and walking trails

For retirees, settling in Brockville can offer an unparalleled lifestyle. The city is known for its picturesque waterside views and its many waterfront parks and walking trails. The waterfront spaces throughout Brockville are highly accessible and designed for ease-of-use.

Close proximity to other major cities

Another key benefit of working with local real estate professionals and choosing condos for sale in Brockville is the close proximity of Brockville to the cities of Kingston and Ottawa. Whether you’re a retiree or a working professional, you’ll have close access to a range of nearby entertainment and cultural activities when you choose to settle here.

A growing city

Brockville is growing to become a major city within the region. As part of the 1000 Islands, Brockville is attracting both investors and new residents with its business growth. Recently, the city received two Economic Developers Council of Ontario awards of excellence. The city works closely with local business owners to ensure their companies have a platform for success.

Turn to MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. for guidance

Now that you’ve begun your search for Brockville real estate options, make sure you choose our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. as your local condo specialists. We can offer quick access to the best options in the local marketplace and have years of experience in the real estate industry. To learn more, please contact us today.


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Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Our Team Explains How to Choose a Real Estate Agent



Your real estate agent will be the most important person involved in the home selling process. They can help guide you through the entire purchase, providing you with documentation and advising you on the steps to take. In this post, we’ll explain how to choose a real estate agent.

Negotiate the commission first

When selling your home, negotiate the commission with the agent first. Find out how much they expect and ensure you’re comfortable with the number. Commissions can vary significantly, and so it’s important not to settle too quickly on an agent with a high figure.

Try to avoid agents with large overheads

Agents working for the larger firms have significant overheads to consider when choosing their service fees. For example, they might be being charged $2,000 per month to operate under a well-known real estate firm. Make sure that you consider this before choosing your agent. Sometimes the agents working for the smaller firms are just as qualified but have lower pricing.

Consider local experience

When reviewing how to choose a real estate agent, one of the most important considerations is local experience. Local experience will empower the agent with knowledge of the nearby home sales and the prices that houses are being sold for within the local marketplace. It will also ensure that they have a local office, which you can easily visit if you have any questions or concerns about how your home sale is moving forward. 

Do your homework

Make sure that you research the local marketplace carefully. Speak with a number of agents about their service and take your time when reviewing the options. The agents can detail their working process and help you to become comfortable with the options available. When speaking with the agent, ask them about the next phase in the process. You can then move forward with a clear idea on how to take the next step in selling your home.


Our trusted team here at MINCOM is here to help guide you in selling your home. To discover more about how to choose a qualified real estate agent, give our experts a call today. We’re available throughout the day to speak with you. 


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How Does the MLS Work When Selling Brockville Homes?

How does the MLS Work When Selling Brockville Homes?

When you’re buying and selling Brockville homes, it’s important you use all the resources available to you to ensure that you make the right choices in the transaction. For both buyers and sellers, the MLS is a critical resource. In this latest post, our team explains how the MLS works for Brockville buyers and sellers.

Created by brokers for brokers

The MLS (Multiple Listings Service) was created by real estate brokers for other brokers to use in buying and selling homes. As a result, you will be required to use an MLS member agent if you wish to list your home within the MLS as a seller. You can search for agents in the area and then ask them to place your home on the MLS if you wish to take this home sale route.

Another function of the MLS is to ensure fairness between brokers when selling a home. The listings service sets basic rules for cooperation and compensation between brokers so each is fairly rewarded for their work. 

The benefits of the MLS

One of the primary benefits of the MLS is that it allows for real estate agents to see information about Brockville homes on the MLS without having to complete significant research. MLS listings are available at the disposal of the agent immediately so when a new buyer arrives at their offices, they can simply access the listings and then help the buyer to make a decision about the available homes in the area. 

Regular updates provided to agents

Another valuable element in working with an agent to use the MLS listings is the agent receives updated listings on a daily basis. This means they don’t have to search specifically for new homes in the region, they gain access to all the new listings so they can present them to clients. If you’re buying a new home in Brockville, the MLS can give you and your agent the advantage in finding qualifying properties.

Whether you’re buying or selling, the MLS continues to be the leading resources within the real estate industry for streamlining the purchase or sale of your home. To discover more about the MLS and its value in today’s marketplace, please call our real estate team today.


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4 Tips to Help You When Looking for Brockville Houses for Sale

Save Time When Shopping for Brockville Houses for Sale Online with These Four Tips

Your Brockville home search will likely begin with a review of the online listings to find a property that meets your purchase parameters. The early stages of your search will be the time at which you decide which style of home you want and the process through which you determine your budget. Our team at MINCOM has great experience in the Brockville real estate market and in our latest post, we’ll provide 4 tips to save you time when shopping for Brockville houses for sale online

Use reputable websites

You’ll find that there are many websites offering real estate from across Brockville directly to you. But it’s important to separate the reputable sites from those that will simply take your money and your time. Try to use reputable sites such as and during your home search.

Remember to save your searches

While you might find that ideal home online, you may forget about it a day later. Don’t forget to take the time to use the site to save your searches. Some sites offer a save function if you sign up using your email address, but you can also simply add a favourite in your browser to save the home listing for later viewing.

Click the location on the map

While a home might look great in the pictures, its location could be far less than ideal for you. Make sure that you review the location on the map first to review the local area and ensure it meets your purchase needs. Are there schools nearby? Does the area have the entertainment and restaurant options you need? How close is the home to the local hospital? These might be a few questions to review.

Avoid placing trust in price estimates

The price for the home in the online listing might not be accurate. You’ll need to speak with a realtor to find out more about the specific pricing information. Don’t get your heart broken by placing too much trust in an online price estimate. Make sure that you simply find the right home for you and then work with your local specialist for Brockville houses for sale to find out more about the property.

Our team at MINCOM is here to guide you in your home search. To learn more about our service and discover the latest Brockville houses for sale, call us today.


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Should Brockville Real Estate Buyers Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

With a change in the interest rates usually comes discussion about the impact the change will have on the local marketplace. But it’s important to look at historical context when reviewing interest rates in the Brockville real estate marketplace. To help guide you in analyzing your costs and determining the impact of a rise in interest rates, we’ll highlight the changes in interest rate in recent years.

A Historical Context

Looking at Brockville real estate interest rates requires you to carefully consider the historical context for the current rates. While it’s true that prices for homes are at their highest in decades, it’s also true that interest rates at lower than ever before. There has never been a time at which interest rates were lower than they are now. This means buyers are experiencing low purchase costs.

Average Pricing Impacts Payments

The price for your home is a far greater indicator of the overall mortgage payments you’ll pay than the current interest rate, particularly in a market environment where interest rates are so low. You’ll find that the Brockville real estate market continues to be one of the more affordable markets in which to purchase property in Ontario. This is certainly the case when you consider the large amount of lakefront property available in the city. The median 4-bedroom home price in Brockville remains only $249,900 when compared with the local Toronto price of just a 2-bedroom home in the GTA is $449,000, you can see how affordable Brockville is compared with other cities. 

A Move to More Affordable Cities

While real estate trends are rarely set in stone, and a new change in government policy can impact the marketplace over a period of a few weeks, there are indicators that highlight the trends as interest rates rise. The data shows that more families are likely to remove themselves from marketplaces such as Toronto and the GTA and seek more affordable homes within a few hours’ drive. Areas such as Brockville, Belleville, and Kingston are set to benefit as interest rates push buyers out of the city and toward a more affordable level of home ownership.

Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. is here to guide you in choosing local Brockville real estate options. To learn more, call us today!

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The Benefits of MLS Listings for Brockville Buyers and Sellers

The MLS listings have become crucial for brokers and agents in helping provide another avenue for promotion for their properties. But what about the benefits for buyers and sellers? In our latest post, we’re focusing on the MLS system and the benefits of working with MLS listings for buyers and sellers in Brockville.

Sell Properties Quicker

One of the leading benefits of the MLS listings for sellers is the opportunity to sell their properties more quickly. Sellers will be able to get access to several thousand buyers a day. Each buyer is reviewing local properties knowing precisely what they’re looking for. Since the MLS listings connect Brockville buyers and sellers in this way, sellers don’t have to actively market the property alone. There’s already a forum designed to promote their property and catch the eye of the buyer.

Narrows Down Searches for Buyers

When you’re trying to buy a new home, it can seem as if the options are endless. Many buyers find that there are hundreds of properties that meet their precise buying parameters. The MLS listings are designed to help narrow down the search. The listings sort the properties into specific categories based on the buyer’s unique purchasing considerations, helping them eliminate those properties that are unsuitable from their search and ensuring that the ideal property is found within a shorter timeframe.

More Options Fitting Search Criteria

While the search options can be narrowed down by using the MLS listings, Brockville buyers can also gain more options fitting their specific criteria. Instead of having to choose a property that doesn’t quite fit their precise needs, they can use the listings to find that ideal home that fits their requirements with the utmost precision. It’s the type of service that connects families with that unique property built for their requirements in the long-term.

The Service is Affordable

Another benefit of the MLS listings is that the service is affordable for buyers and sellers. The service is designed so that it’s completely free for buyers and sellers to use, ensuring that buyers don’t have to spend more in reviewing local homes, and sellers reduce marketing costs in finding qualified buyers for their properties.

Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty is here to guide you in using the MLS listings to your benefit. To learn more about the value provided by the service, call our team today!

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Our Industry Experts Explain How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent should be someone with decades of experience and a comprehensive knowledge regarding the industry. But many homebuyers don’t know the steps involved in choosing an agent, and this can often mean they make significant mistakes in the process. In this latest post, we’ll explain how to choose a real estate agent.

Make Sure They Understand the Industry

A key mistake that some homebuyers make in deciding how to choose a real estate agent is they choose a person they know privately who doesn’t have an understanding regarding the real estate marketplace. Not only does this mean that the person won’t be able to answer all of your questions, but it also means you’re less likely to change your mind halfway through the process, leaving you with an expensive mistake. Make sure that the agent has at least a decade of real estate industry experience and has the knowledge to back their experience.

Look for Agents with Local Knowledge

While industry expertise will help you in understanding the process of buying real estate, agents with local experience are required to help you choose the right property in the right location. Local experience means knowing where the transit hubs are and which street will be closest to business developments. It also means that your agent will know the history of a property and of a location and will be able to show you homes that match your buying parameters with precision.

Speak with Past Clients

Make sure when consulting with various agents that you speak with their past clients. Find out more about the client and their experience with the agent. Did they enjoy a strong working relationship? Did they achieve what they wanted from the deal? Meet with a number of past clients and speak with them directly about their experiences. The most qualified agents will be happy to connect you with their clients and provide you the information you need to make an informed, effective decision.

Our trusted team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. is here to guide you regarding how to choose a real estate agent. To learn more about this process, call us today.

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The Elements to Consider When Choosing Between Buying Houses and Condos for Sale in Brockville

As you start to look for houses and condos for sale in Brockville, you’re likely going to have to make a clear decision about which type of property best suits your ownership requirements. Our team at MINCOM Island Realty, Inc. has experience in the real estate marketplace, and we’ll explain the elements to consider when choosing between houses and condos for sale in Brockville.

  • How Important is the Location?

The location is one of the more important considerations for many buyers. Whether it’s being close to job opportunities or simply being in the same area as the town’s main entertainment spots, the location of the property is a decisive factor. It’s why many are now purchasing condos for sale in Brockville as they look to find affordable properties in a convenient location for their family.

  • Is the Price Too High?

In some cases, the cost of house ownership will be out of reach for many buyers. That’s because they have to consider insurance, utilities, home maintenance and other expenditures which drive long-term value. However, even though condo ownership is less expensive than homeownership in most cases, buyers must consider the potential for condo fees to rise in the future as a result of work taking place on the building.

  • Will We Be Having a Family in the Future?

If the buyer is considering having a family in the coming years, they might consider the amount of space they’ll need when purchasing a property. Oftentimes, condo living isn’t suited to young and growing families, and in these cases a house is ideal. When reviewing houses and condos, make sure to consider the potential for expansion. It’s also important to consider how quickly the unit could be sold in the future if family plans change.   

MINCOM Island City Realty, Inc.

Working with a real estate agent can help ensure that Brockville property buyers make the ideal decision for their purchase needs in the future. Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty, Inc. has decades of local real estate purchase and sales experience and we’re here to guide you with actionable market data and guidance. To learn more, call us today.

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Household Debt vs. Mortgage Debt Our Brockville Real Estate Experts Explain the Differences

It’s important to understand debts and how they accrue if you are to achieve a strong financial footing for the future. Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty Inc. works with individuals across the Brockville real estate market to help them understand the process of managing their debt effectively. Within this new post, our Brockville real estate team will explain the differences between household debt and mortgage debt.

Mortgage-Backed by a Tangible Asset

One of the major differences between household debt and mortgage debt is that your mortgage is backed by a tangible asset – your house. If you have a $500,000 mortgage secured against your home, and you paid a 20% down payment for the property, your mortgage will be insured by the CMHC. This insurance means that, if you are unable to make the payments effectively, you have some protection against mounting debt and the accrued interest.

Consumer Debt Accrues with Little Tangible Value

Consumer debt or household debt is a significant problem in Canada. Many people are now choosing to pay for products such as electronics, furniture, and other household items on their credit card. This has sparked a significant trend across the country, and Canada is now one of the most indebted western nations on a per capita basis. Thousands of Canadians are struggling with credit card debt, and have little to show for it but a new item to use in the home.

Focus on Building Equity

The difference between consumer debt and mortgage debt, then, is clear. Those who own Brockville real estate will find they can use their money more effectively by paying down their mortgage and building equity in their home, a tangible asset with significant income potential for the future. It’s important to take a pragmatic approach to this process, however. If you have significant household debt already, you’re far better to start paying off any high-interest loans now than putting more than the monthly amount into your mortgage.

Consumer debt is a common problem for Canadians, but with just a little more knowledge, you can build an understanding of the techniques to reduce debt problems and secure a healthy financial future. To learn more about this topic or any of the trends in the Brockville real estate marketplace, call our real estate team today.

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Simple Questions to Ask When Buying Houses for Sale in Brockville

You might not have much experience in buying homes. Many people only buy one or two homes in their lifetime. So, it’s important to go through the process carefully and make sure you’re making the right decision for your family. Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty, Inc. is here to help you when you’re looking for houses for sale in Brockville. We’ve listed some simple questions to consider when moving forward in the purchase process.

What is the Condition of the Property?

The most important consideration when buying a home is the home's condition. Is it an older home or a newer build? Have there been renovations completed on the property in recent years? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the condition of the property and speak with a home inspector to ensure a full inspection is completed. From there, you can then make a more effective purchase decision.

Do We Like the Local Area?

While you’ll be spending the majority of your time in the home, you should also take several trips to the area before buying. Make sure the area has all the amenities each member of the family needs for a comfortable, and happy lifestyle. How close are the major transit hubs such as train stations and highways? What is the quality of the local school system? Are there entertainment options for all family members nearby? These are key questions to review when looking at houses for sale in Brockville.

What is the Price of the Home?

Make sure you have enough flexibility in your budget to pay for the price of the home. The budget should include potential repairs for the property as well as the potential increases to the offer you might have to make to complete the deal. Work with your real estate agent and find out how much you can afford to pay. Make sure that once you've decided your budget, you don't waver. Our team at MINCOM Island City Realty, Inc. can help you find amazing houses for sale in Brockville. To discover more about our work and our experience, contact us today!

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