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How to Choose a Top Notch Real Estate Agent

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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments someone will make during their lifetime. It is also an experience the average Canadian goes through only a handful of times. So it goes without saying the realm of real estate is beyond the privy of habitual processes. That’s why when it is time to buy or sell property, it is imperative to choose a real estate agent for whom the business is habitual. Always make sure to hire a talented agent who deals in the real estate market full-time, as their primary line of work. You will come across many part-timers and even more friends and family members who hold onto a realtor’s license. It is always in your best interest to find and choose a real estate agent who spends their time revolving around the real estate world.

Once You Choose Your Real Estate Agent, What’s Next?

Once you have found a full-time agent make sure to identify how the agent keeps contact. For example, it is important that the agent has administrative staff on hand at all times. This will ensure that a prospective buyer will always have someone to reach out to when they are interested in your property. You will also need to ensure what the best mode of communication between you and the agent is (mobile, email or text messaging) and how often you can communicate with them. Once you know how you can communicate with the agent, find out how the agent communicates with the world. Is it good to know what kind of marketing strategies they have at their disposal: whether it be newspaper ads, brochures, flyers or a website. 83% of buyers start their search online, so keep this in mind. Take note of how the agent gets their word out.

Build a Rapport

Once you have chosen a few candidates, talk to them. Call or schedule an appointment and see how they interact with you and others. Ask them any question that comes to mind. Remember that they are working for you and that you might have this relationship with them for weeks and perhaps again in the future when you decide to buy or sell other property. Get comfortable with your realtor and make sure they are comfortable with you.

If you are in the market to choose a real estate agent, contact us at Min-Com Realty and we’ll make your job of finding the perfect realtor as easy as can be.